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Empowering the world’s largest B2B Marketing teams with pioneering automation and AI projects to augment decision-making, enhance customer engagement, and rapidly scale.

Scale customer engagement and augment decision making

How do you achieve a 35% uplift in funnel stage conversions and a 20% increase in funnel velocity?

Combine highly personalized customer journeys with deep analytics to deliver consistent results and outstanding ROI.

Reduce churn and increase cross-sell and up-sell engagement through trigger-based communications across the customer lifecycle.

Here's how we do it

Our Algos leverage machine learning to identify the next best action to drive funnel progress, based on training engagement data and touch points across sales, marketing, and product engagement.

Reinforcement learning  models allows us to identify the optimum combination and order of sales & marketing activities that maximize the potential for conversion.

Efficient growth without human-centric delivery

How do you 10x your capacity for campaign production and slash campaign build times from 7 hours to 7 minutes?

Enable your highly skilled team to make a big impact by automating redundant processes and augmenting their decision making.

Here's how we do it

Our Algos identify opportunities to automate and scale highly repetitive tasks, such as leveraging Robotic Process Automation for campaign builds in Marketing Automation.

Give your wider Marketing team self-service access to campaign production and insights through a bespoke Marketing specific AI driven chatbot, enabling your Campaigns and Analytics teams to do their best work free from answering day-to-day requests.

Faster, more accurate decision-making

How do you deliver a 40% uplift in incremental marketing ROI whilst dramatically reducing the budget planning process from months to days?

Combine the richness of your data from all of your platforms with deep analytics and AI techniques to identify and predict the best possible campaign budget and segmentation opportunities.

Here's how we do it

Our Algos leverage machine learning to build recommendation tools for Marketing decision makers, such as how best to spend their budget to maximize ROI.

Leverage your rich campaign performance data from across all of your platforms and combine it with business, macro, and micro economic context.

Whilst dramatically reducing budget planning cycles, you will also uncover new opportunities and underserved audiences that drive higher returns.

Unlocking the power of algorithmic marketing for global brands

Empowering F500 Cloud Computing Marketers with a Data Hub for Enhanced Campaign Strategies in APAC

AlgoMarketing, a leader in data science, partnered with an F500 Cloud Computing company to revolutionize their marketing campaign strategies across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. We delivered a Marketing Data Hub that provided immediate insights into email, webinar, and audience data, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions autonomously.

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Delivering Personalized Experiences: Optimizing Video Recommendations with Marketo Integration

Algomarketing revolutionized our client's video recommendation system by seamlessly integrating it with Marketo, delivering the project rapidly, a month ahead of deadline in an organization of almost 200,000 people.

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Accelerating growth using algorithmic marketing: sophisticated global marketing budget allocation

By leveraging AI and machine learning we built a tool that could continuously learn from historical campaign performance data at scale while reducing planning time. It has proven to be 4 x more effective in allocating budget compared to previous methods, taking into account high-level marketing objectives.

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