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Delivering Personalized Experiences: Optimizing Video Recommendations with Marketo Integration


Algomarketing revolutionized our client's video recommendation system by seamlessly integrating it with Marketo, delivering the project rapidly, a month ahead of deadline in an organization of almost 200,000 people.

  • The Challenge

    Management of the internal tool had previously been outsourced to an agency. However, our client could see the value in bringing its systems and production processes together under one integrated service partner. These included better control, improved communication, ease of quality assurance, and access to in-house knowledge capabilities.

    They were looking for a vendor who understood the purpose and complexity of its campaign structures aimed at lead generation, building awareness, and educating their target audience. A partner that is active in supporting its internal teams to make sure it maximizes the capabilities and use of Marketo, while proactively exploring additional ways to add value.

  • The Solution

    Led by Algo, Tom Oakley, who joined the team as Marketing Technology and Operations Manager, the migration project involved three phases:

    Phase 1: Audit the existing tool

    Tom assessed what needed to be migrated to Marketo. Keeping a log of relevant data and assets in case internal teams need them after the depreciation window. 

    Data records were found and logged including a consent audit against GDPR best practices to ensure the migrated data only included contacts where opt-in consent was recorded.

    Phase 2: Configure and Migrate

    To mitigate business risk and ensure a consistent experience for both internal stakeholders and campaign recipients, Algomarketing agreed a configuration and migration plan centered around delivering a seamless migration:

    • Maintained system access to internal stakeholders of both platforms
    • Custom branding to domain names
    • Setting up folder structures and program naming conventions
    • Setting up email consent fields
    • Technical integration between Marketo and the organization's proprietary webinar platform to improve user experience and provide better data

    During the migration phase, 14,907 records were migrated from the legacy tool to Marketo, alongside multiple email templates and campaign structures to provide campaign consistency during the migration process. This allowed the organization’s Marketo to be fully operational from day one and made sure that email communications could continue without disruption. 

    Phase 3: Building a marketing automation production team from scratch

    Post-launch, Algomarketing’s role switched to providing Marketo and webinar production services. This involved building assets in Marketo for newsletters or webinar promotions, programming the sends, reporting on the results, and building the webinar registration pages using the existing internal platform. 

    As the number of campaigns has scaled, Algomarketing has added resource to allow Tom and his team to adhere to the same production SLAs despite increased demand.

  • The Results

    Following the project launch in March 2022, Algomarketing helped complete the migration two months ahead of schedule.

    The process resulted in a seamless transition between both systems where continuity of service and experience for both end users and internal stakeholders was maintained during the migration period. Further, the speed of the project allowed the organization to de-risk many aspects by providing extra time to check over data compliance and asset configuration.

    Post-launch, Algomarketing has continued to provide ongoing Marketo support, maintaining production standards, bringing in additional resources, and overseeing value-add initiatives.

    One of the biggest successes has been the establishment of a direct API integration between Marketo and the organization's webinar platform. Critically, this has enabled the passing of registration details between both platforms to be automated, streamlining the process and providing a smoother experience for attendees and system users.

    Tom and his team continue to explore new ways to achieve the organization's goal of generating awareness and educating their target audiences. Ideas presented to the client include the creation of a preference center to encourage users to stay opted into preferred categories, and implementing a lead scoring model which prioritizes leads for sales follow up.

Impact Summary

  • The project demonstrated a seamless passing of registrations between a bespoke webinar platform and the marketo instance over an API to create a brilliant customer experience and support lead generation.

  • The migration was completed two months ahead of the depreciation date, allowing the organization a seamless transition for internal users while significantly de-risking the migration process.

  • Before launch, our Algos integrated Marketo with the organization's proprietary webinar platform to allow registration and attendance data to flow automatically from system-to-system.

  • Recognizing the value of this expertise, the organization extended our contract to build an internal marketing automation production team to maximize their ongoing capability in Marketo.

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