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The 'Algo' in 'Algomarketing’ stems from the word 'algorithm'

At its heart, the 'Algo' way rekindles joy and satisfaction in work, removing routine and monotonous tasks by automating the automatable. It's not just about working smarter or achieving hyper-growth, it's about bringing joy back into professional lives by creating space and time to make every workday a rewarding journey.

Realizing the full potential of your marketing investment

By harnessing the power of algorithms, we unlock incredible efficiencies, drive innovation, and scale operations like never before through AI, automation and machine learning expertise. We empower marketing leaders to confidently make data-driven decisions, ultimately driving increased ROI.

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Global expertise

Operating in 27 countries across 6 continents, our unique methodology unlocks the power of algorithmic marketing through innovation, big data and optimal tech stack performance.

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Our history


Founded in the UK

Yomi Tejumola was working as a Senior Marketing Data Scientist & Machine Learning Specialist at Google. Yomi’s passion for Algorithmic Marketing and building teams of like-minded experts led to the creation of Algomarketing.

Establishing long-term relationships with our first clients

The Google Cloud team engaged Algomarketing to support the delivery of Marketing Automation and Activation services. What began as a team of 4 soon grew to cover all of Google’s global regions, with new divisions across multiple marketing disciplines.

Client success: Accelerating client growth at Google with AI powered marketing investment recommendation engine

Significantly shortening budget investment decisions through machine learning, leveraging historically known campaigns and known budgets to identify the optimum way to split budget to maximise returns.

Yomi Tejumola, CEO of Algomarketing


Global expansion: from EMEA to APAC and NORAM

Building a team of Algos that now span 27 countries with offices in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, and Singapore.


Advancing client capabilities: creating a marketing budget management and attribution tool to deliver one source of marketing ROI for Google

Client impact: localizing enterprise-solution marketing for Google

Deploying a multilingual, multi-city team of field analysts in Africa to form part of critical enhancements to products used by over a billion people globally in Search, Maps, Photos and more.

From start-up to scale-up

Investment into the business brings the creation of our People & Talent Acquisition team and the Business Operations team, recruiting from IBM, Huawei, Dentsu, and others.


Algomarketing becomes preferred supplier of Global Workforce Services to Google Cloud

Zoom selects Algomarketing to support Marketing Activation worldwide

Deploying a team of experienced consultants across Campaigns, Marketing Automation, and Analytics as part of Zoom’s incredible growth.

Exceeding expectations: delivering rapid martech migrations ahead of schedule and building a campaign production team from scratch

Deploying Marketo with a bespoke video platform integration to provide content recommendations that increase customer engagement, whilst deploying a dedicated team of in-region experts to manage the platform and execute campaigns.

Experienced male consultant increasing business performance.


Enabling clients to expand worldwide: deploying a global team of Marketo Certified Experts

20 Marketing Automation Consultants and Architects deployed globally for Google Cloud, with Algomarketing creating an online video training academy for rapid onboarding and enablement.

Reaching new markets for Zoom in NORAM and LATAM

Deploying Field Marketing resources across the America’s, from USA to Brazil.

Google HQ


Increasing our reach and establishing a dedicated Sales and Marketing function

Promoting our capabilities, client success stories, and enviable reputation to new audiences. Launching a refreshed brand and sharing our learnings in AI and advanced automation techniques.

Unstoppable growth, winning new clients in EMEA and APAC

Trusted by Stripe, Chaos, and Hexagon to deploy capabilities across Marketing Operations, Digital, Field, and Growth Marketing.

Leadership team

Yomi Tejumola

CEO and Founder

Miles Welch


Cagla Aktas

Commercial Director

Oliver Hassell

Head of Sales and Marketing

Dele Arogundade

Client Services Director

Ojiugo Ndukwe

Business Operations Director

Lola Babalola

Head of People

Richard Fuller

Finance Director

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