Introducing our new Practice Leads: AI, Analytics, Marketing Technology and Performance Marketing

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April 25, 2024
Introducing our new Practice Leads: AI, Analytics, Marketing Technology and Performance Marketing

Delivering excellence against our three practice expertise: AI and Analytics, Demand Generation, and MarTech.

Our new Practice Leads

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Anish, Clemens and Luke will be central in workshopping solutions with our Algos enterprise client, delivering impact, and initiating new projects.

We are thrilled to introduce Anish Dixit, Clemens Deimann, and Luke Crickmore, Algomarketing’s newest practice leads.

Anish Dixit

AI & Analytics Practice Lead

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Anish Dixit

Anish joins the team as our AI & Analytics Practice Lead. He brings a wealth of experience whether that be from his time as a marine engineer, software developer, data scientist, or more recently as an AI/ML SME at Accenture. With experience across industry sectors, both on the client side and, over the last 8 years, in the consulting industry, Anish has honed his expertise in addressing business pain points through innovative applications of advanced analytics.

His impressive experience includes roles at Accenture, Royal Mail, IBM, Expedia, Microsoft, Sky and Vodafone.

Anish's skill set encompasses a wide range of capabilities, including data strategy development, architecting cloud AI solutions, predictive model development, designing operating models, and much more. He also has experience in running client workshops for AI/ML use-case identification and roadmapping, setting up Centres of Excellence (CoEs), building data science practices, developing AI/ML accelerators, and devising/executing effective go-to-market strategies.

Anish's proficiency extends to various tools and platforms, including R, Python, GCP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, just to name a few. His expertise in AI/ML solutions, coupled with his consulting experience in driving business growth through analytics and digital transformation, positions him as a valuable addition to our team.

Clemens Deimann

Demand Generation Practice Lead

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Clemens Diemann

Clemens, a familiar name to a number of our Algos, returns to the team as our Demand Generation Practice Lead. As one of the first contractors to join Algomarketing’s workforce at Google, Clemens truly understands what it means to be an Algo, so we could not be more excited to welcome him back.

Working as VP of Marketing and Head of Growth for several leading vertical SaaS providers, Clemens has streamlined go-to-market strategies and marketing funnels. He is also deeply familiar with B2B blueprints that enable rapid growth across all segments, from SMB to enterprise.

Clemens has also had the opportunity to work with several premier tech companies, including LinkedIn and Google. It was his impressive client work at Algomarketing that would catapult him towards one of our biggest clients and convert him to a full-time employee at Google. Since then, Clemens has continued to go above and beyond to foster high-performing partnerships with Algomarketing.

Clemens rejoins us with a mission to further enhance what made Algomarketing so special, to begin with: strong subject matter expertise to solve client challenges and unlock further growth opportunities.

Luke Crickmore

MarTech Practice Lead

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Team - Luke Crickmore

We are delighted to welcome Luke Crickmore as the new MarTech Practice Lead. With over a decade of experience at Clevertouch Consulting, Luke has an impressive track record in the Marketing Technology (MarTech) field. As their Technical Director, he excelled in strategic planning, managing a diverse technical team, and overseeing the company's IT infrastructure and data protection policies. His ability to lead complex technical projects and innovate within the MarTech space has been consistently demonstrated throughout his career.

Luke's journey at Clevertouch saw him rise through the ranks, from Marketing Automation Specialist to Lead Developer, to Head of Technical Solutions, before becoming Technical Director. His expertise spans managing large-scale projects, developing marketing automation platforms like Eloqua and Act On, and fostering client relationships. He worked with the world's biggest brands including Fujitsu, Deliveroo, VMware, BT, Deloitte, Bailey Gifford. This breadth of experience underscores his comprehensive understanding of the MarTech landscape and his capability to adapt and deliver in dynamic environments.

At our team, Luke's role will be instrumental in driving forward our MarTech initiatives. His insights and expertise are invaluable for our mission to provide innovative MarTech solutions to our clients. Luke's arrival marks an exciting phase for us, promising to enhance our capabilities and help us stay at the forefront of MarTech advancements.

Oliver Hassell

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