Meet The Algo: Tom Oakley

November 12, 2023
Meet The Algo: Tom Oakley

Tom is a Marketing Activation Manager who has worked across two of our tech clients as well as getting involved in Algo side hustles.

Tom is one of our most established Algos, having supported two of our Tier One global tech clients over the past five years, across three roles and a side hustle.

He originally joined the market leader in search as an Activation Manager within their cloud-based business.

Working closely with in-house marketers to deliver optimal value to the business from each campaign, they create. Tom and his team managed and enhanced the technical delivery of those campaigns.

By using advanced technical and automation expertise to make sure that the production MarTech operates as efficiently as possible, demonstrated through regular, high-quality ROI reporting. 

Migrating a marketing database one month ahead of schedule

Having worked within the organization for 3 years, Tom was offered the chance to support the full migration of a marketing database and email campaign process from a legacy system to Marketo for another part of the business.

Tom led the project, providing him the opportunity to gain further experience within the organization, while enhancing his personal network.

He was given a strict 3-month deadline for completion of the migration as the legacy system was due to depreciate within that time frame.

Following an approach of consistent consultation and involvement, Tom quickly earned the trust of ‌ internal stakeholders and the project was completed one month ahead of schedule.

This had a significant impact on the organisation; they could provide their customers with a better user experience quicker than anticipated, and the quality of data they could use via the new platform was vastly improved. 

Algomarketing were invited to stay on and build a production team to maximize Marketo capabilities.

A team Tom continues to support through consultation as a side hustle, having moved on to work within another organization as an Algo.

Learn more about the migration project here

Building an activation team at a world-leading video meeting technology provider

Tom has now joined a world-leading video meeting tech provider and has been responsible for building a brand new activation team from scratch.

This is a new approach for the organization following exponential growth during the pandemic when video calls and meetings became BAU.

While building the new team and introducing new expertise, Tom is focused on stakeholder engagement, helping educate the in-house team on the impact our Algos will bring in helping achieve their financial goals.

Their focus is to empower marketers to do what they do best – create brilliant campaigns, while our Algos manage the technical production delivery, reporting back in a timely and accurate fashion to help drive future decision making.

Abbie Moore

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