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Unlocking Sub-Saharan Africa: Multilingual Field Analyst Team Delivers Localization Success for Tier 1 Technology Client

Workforce Solutions

Deploying a multilingual, multi-city team of field analysts across Kenya to form part of critical enhancements to products used by over a billion people globally in search, maps, photos and more.

  • The Challenge

    Our global client needed a team with local market knowledge of multilingual field analysts. Their project involved conducting participant recruitment and conducting training sessions with groups of 15-20 participants for a pilot project in Kenya. During these sessions they discussed names and phrases unique to Kenya to ensure the client’s cloud products were as native as possible.

    Key to the project's success was finding high caliber participants with a high-cultural awareness of the local market to provide an optimized experience for global audiences. Algomarketing's ability to build a local, multi-language team in a short space of time was pivotal to its success.

  • The Solution

    Initially Algomarketing consulted with the client to collaborate on the success points in the project and begin ideating processes. Leveraging our global experience and local knowledge in Kenya, we identified highly-qualified and committed candidates. This included hiring a Field Analyst who was fluent in the local dialects and languages, alongside English. Fluent in Mombasa, Kisumu, Machakos, Kitale, Eldoret, and Kerugoya, this helped us access talent in major Kenyan cities. Algomarketing also placed a skilled and organized Field Lead. Based in Nairobi, their role was to manage the work of the analysts and liaise with the client in keeping them informed on progress points.

  • The Results

    Within four weeks Algomarketing had hired and onboarded the Field Lead and Analysts. Algomarketing continued to support with hiring taskers on an ongoing basis throughout the project, based on demographic or location requirements.

    The team completed all tasks assigned to them to the highest standard within the required 14-day timescale. Algomarketing also gathered valuable feedback from the team on the ground used to make improvements to our clients' pilot project process. Algomarketing are supporting a similar pilot project in Mexico City, Mexico, with the same client due to the success of the localization project in Kenya.

Impact Summary

  • Applying Algomarketing's global knowledge and local presence in Kenya, we created a team of Field Analysts across multiple cities in the country.

  • Building the team within a tight deadline of a month, the field analysts were integral in hitting the organization's targets of 14 days completion.

  • The team worked with focus groups to build into machine learning local language and dialect for the clients products optimizing customer experience and personalization.

  • Due to Algomarketing's reputation for excellence and deep knowledge, the client applied their feedback to other projects globally.

  • The Algos significantly impacted the success of the clients pilot project helping to build their process moving forward.

  • Algomarketing has started a similar project in Mexico City following the success in Kenya.

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