Meet the Algo: Zailyng Burgos

November 12, 2023
Meet the Algo: Zailyng Burgos

Zailyng: Certified Marketo Architect (AD0-E558) at Algomarketing, mastering campaigns for events and global collaborations.

About Zailyng

Zailyng is a Marketo Architect with Algomarketing, working for our leading cloud-based search client, based remotely in Uruguay. Within her first year at Algomarketing, she has crafted intricate campaigns that significantly increased attendance at our client’s flagship events: in-person and online events. 

Prior to joining Algomarketing, Zailyng got her Marketo certification in a previous role but felt that she wasn't able to use all of its capabilities in the role. She was contacted by our Talent Acquisition team about a role in our leading client's business. This was a great opportunity to become a Marketo specialist and challenge herself, benefitting from the support and training of the Algo community.

Zailyng Burgos brings a wealth of knowledge to project management and marketing automation. With a dedicated approach towards continuous improvement, Zailyng has acquired key certifications that endorse her proficiency and dedication.


  1. Disciplined Agile Scrum Master: A testament to her agile expertise, ensuring project delivery with adaptability and efficiency.
  2. Knak Certified Expert: Demonstrating her prowess in marketing automation assets building, Zailyng is adept at using Knak – a tool she engages with on a daily basis at her workplace.
  3. Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Expert (AD0-E558): A testament to her expertise in Adobe's Marketo Engage platform, highlighting her skills in driving business growth through effective marketing practices.

Upcoming Certification:

  • Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner Expert (AD5-E824): Zailyng is currently preparing to further her skills by acquiring this certification, a reflection of her commitment to staying updated in her field.

Building campaigns for leaders

Zailyng describes the passion she has for seeing attendance increase dramatically as a result of her involvement. Working across Marketo briefs as a certified expert has enabled Zailyng to connect with others across the globe.

As part of our Algomarketing's community, where our marketing professionals share solutions and learnings with each other across clients and disciplines. This embeds industry-leading best practices and innovation into our enterprise tech clients. She describes her manager, Alejandro who is the LATAM Activation Manager, as having been an incredible mentor giving her plenty of opportunities problem solving and being involved in large-scale projects.

Zailyng takes immense pride in her contributions to campaigns for events like 'Summits' and 'Leaders Connect', targeting tech innovation discussions among leaders and SMEs.

Impactful Events Organized by Zailyng Burgos:

  • Brazil Events (Sao Paulo):
  • Events: 'Summit', 'Leaders Connect', and 'Partners Connect' have collectively drawn an impressive tally of around 2,700 registrants.
  • Virtual Extension: To cater to those unable to attend the Summit in person, an online counterpart, 'Gather', has been set up, pulling in 1,200 registrants and counting.
  • Mexico Events: The 'Mexico Summit', 'Leaders Connect', and 'Partners Connect' were a resounding success, attracting approximately 1,500 registrants.

Always included, never isolated

Zailyng cherishes the inclusive environment at Algomarketing, never feeling sidelined.

"I've never felt like a third-party employee at Algomarketing"

Through the communication from her Client Services Managers Ana and Rafa, Zailyng feels that she always been kept up to date with Algomarketing while having ample time to talk through her experience and any concerns. The regular meet ups have also supported Zailyng in feeling part of a group and getting to check in regularly with other Algos. These serve as a chance to talk through current projects and discuss changes in their specialisms.

Looking towards the future

Zailyng envisions herself as an Account Manager, acting as the crucial link between clients and operations while blending operations with product management.

What would your advice be to a new Algo?

  1. Document everything: Having a physical reference is invaluable given the extensive processes in her client's operations.
  2. Establish certified processes: This minimizes errors and redundancies in large businesses.

Abbie Moore

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