Meet The Algo: Liam Oliver

November 12, 2023
Meet The Algo: Liam Oliver

Liam is a Hybrid Activation Architect working at our client, Zoom. He builds and innovates marketing asset templates, to optimize campaign efficiency and launch marketing campaigns.

Liam’s favorite part of the role - finding efficiencies in processes and improving them!

Liam, Hybrid Activation Architect

Liam is a seasoned Marketing Technology Architect with a background in front-end development and marketing automation. He possesses an impressive track record optimizing automated campaigns and driving process efficiency for industry-leading organizations. With a passion for problem-solving and an interest in innovation, Liam thrives in challenging environments where he can have a significant impact.

Prior to becoming an Algo, Liam worked closely with in-house campaign leaders to ensure the seamless execution of automated campaigns. His primary focus was on delivering personalized experiences to recipients while maximizing campaign ROI. By handling the end-to-end technical aspects of the campaigns, he empowered the marketing team to concentrate on ideation and strategy.

Execution of these campaigns involved a full range of automation techniques to improve processes, with a focus on building new tools while optimizing existing ones. This led him to create an email template generator for faster production and customization, as well as a web app for storing and organizing code snippets, increasing productivity through quicker sourcing and use. 

Senior Marketo Architect at Google Cloud’s EMEA Activation Team

In his role as the lead Marketo Architect, Liam was entrusted with managing the workload and providing support to a team of five other Architects within Google Cloud's EMEA Activation Team. His leadership extended beyond the local team, as he took on the responsibility of onboarding and training over 15 new Architects globally. This comprehensive role showcased his ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and demonstrated his commitment to nurturing new talent within the organization.


  • Oversaw workload management and provided essential support to a team of five Architects, ensuring campaign excellence.
  • Conducted interviews and played an integral part in the selection process for potential candidates.
  • Actively participated in special projects, contributing valuable insights and expertise.
  • Dedication to enhancing global production efficiency, continually seeking ways to optimize capability.

Hybrid Activation Architect at Zoom: Leading innovation

Liam's responsibilities at Zoom span across front-end development, email templates, landing pages, automation platform support, and driving innovation. 

He has been instrumental in developing and refining email templates, crafting engaging landing pages, and creating interactive sites. He specialized in building out platform campaigns, ensuring they were optimized for maximum impact, all while prioritizing the dynamic creation of campaigns over static website development.

He takes on the challenge of translating creative briefs into solutions that set Zoom apart. Whether it's enhancing user engagement or creating interactive content, Liam consistently pushes to stay at the forefront of digital marketing trends.

At Zoom Liam is revitalizing landing pages to re-engage prospects through finding inventive ways to increase prospect interaction, turning static web pages into dynamic experiences.

Liam's role at Zoom marks a distinctive evolution from his previous position at Google. While at Google, he focused on building campaigns within the platform, but at Zoom, he's taken on the challenge of bringing new initiatives centered around innovation, but with a fresh approach to driving user engagement.

A Consultative Approach to Discovery

Liam takes on a consultative approach as he meticulously evaluates existing templates, identifying areas for improvement. Then, he undertakes the task of reimagining these templates, ensuring they are not only effective, but also add to the sustainability of the campaigns team and scalable through Zoom’s growth, and conforming to the best practice approach.

Best Practices Through Tools and Processes

Liam is a staunch advocate for best practices. He continually seeks ways to optimize Zoom's marketing efforts through the implementation of cutting-edge tools and streamlined processes, fostering a culture of excellence within the team.

A Visible Transformation

Liam Oliver's journey as a Hybrid Activation Architect at Zoom capitalises on his commitment to innovation, user engagement, and excellence. His ability to bridge the gap between front-end development and platform execution has propelled Zoom's marketing efforts through creativity and effectiveness. Through Liam's support Zoom continues to thrive as a digital frontrunner, pioneering interactive experiences and setting new industry standards.

Abbie Moore

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