Meet The Algo: Liam Oliver

September 19, 2023
Meet The Algo: Liam Oliver

Liam is a Hybrid Activation Architect working at our client, Zoom. He builds and innovates marketing asset templates, to optimize campaign efficiency and launch marketing campaigns.

“Tell me what you want to build and I’ll build it”.

Liam, Hybrid Activation Architect

Bringing a background in front-end development and marketing automation, Liam has held two Algo position. Firstly, he supported a Tier One tech client as a Lead Architect within their cloud-based business. Here he worked alongside in-house campaign leaders to make sure that their automated campaigns delivered a personalized experience to recipients, while maximizing campaign ROI. By handling the end-to-end technical execution of the campaigns, he provided the marketers with the space and time they needed to focus on ideation and strategy. 

“My favourite part of the job is when someone has a problem that they can’t fix” Liam, Lead Architect

Execution of the campaigns involved a full range of automation techniques to improve processes, with a focus on building new tools while optimizing existing ones. This led him to create an email generator for quicker email template building and customization, as well as a production tool for storing and organizing code snippets, increasing productivity through quicker sourcing and use. 

Enhancing automation capability for an industry-leading video tech organization  

Liam has joined an industry-leading video tech organization as Hybrid Activation Architect. As part of a newly formed automation production team, he’ll help bridge the gap in internal technical expertise by building their automation capability and driving process efficiency. ‌The new role offers great personal development for Liam, bringing responsibility for how automation looks in the future for this growing international business. As they build their capability, his position will also evolve and grow, with the expectation that he’ll soon be leading the production of automation platforms across North America, APAC and EMEA.

Liam’s favorite part of the role - finding efficiencies in processes and improving them!

Abbie Moore

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